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About Haynes Corporation

Haynes Corporation was founded in Jackson, Michigan in 1960 by Laurance Haynes as a manufacturer's representative involved with large stationary, marine and generation diesel engines, and related parts.

In 1972, the company acquired Adeco Products, Inc., a Chicago based firm. This brought HAYNES Corporation a heavy diesel fuel injection product line.  During 1988, HAYNES Corporation finalized acquisition of the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights of the American Bosch diesel fuel injection APF product line from United Technologies.

Haynes Corporation later acquired the Bendix diesel fuel injection product line in 1988. This acquisition included the Naples, Florida manufacturing facility which has extensive experience in the production of precision machined diesel fuel injection systems and aerospace components. By retaining existing personnel at the Naples facility, Haynes Corporation greatly enhanced its manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

The company acquired FIPCO Products in 1992 for the General Motors EMD Locomotive fuel injection remanufacturing business. In 1998 an acquisition from Diesel Technologies Corporation occurred which brought Haynes the OEM drawings to the General Motors EMD Injectors for the 567, 645, and 710 series engines.

Haynes continued its expansion to include a west coast operation after acquiring Hatch & Kirk Fuel Injection Systems, formerly Korody-Colyer, in 2004. The Norwalk, California facility, which specializes in Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and EMD fuel injection components, now operates as Haynes Fuel Injection Corporation.

Corporate headquarters in Naples, Florida broke ground in 2011 on a new LEED-certified facility that will be completed in 2012.

We continue to grow and serve our customers with the latest in CNC Machines, CAD/CAM and MRP system integrating marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory control, engineering and accounting.


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Haynes Corporation. 3581 Mercantile Ave. Naples, FL 34104. 239-643-3013. sales@haynesco.com